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Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™​ Foundation

        "The issues we face are not black or white but American.

                           Together we can make a difference. 

                                      There is nothing we can't do"

                                              -Terry Hardy, Founder and CEO




A Motorcycle Safety Presentation for New Driver Candidates


Statement of Need

Students are learning to drive and become licensed drivers for the first time.  Through this program, students are encouraged to share the road responsibly with motorcyclists.


Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable motorists.

To decrease the likelihood of a crash and/or a fatality, we are conducting outreach presentations to connect with students on the subject of motorcycle safety and awareness. 

Presented by a motorcyclist, the presentation reinforces the information provided by the Illinois Secretary of State’s “Sharing the Road” handbook on page 41.  

Resources are shared with students relating to motorcycle safety, awareness, training and support for their pursuit of a post-secondary education.


About the Program

Funded in part by the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™ Motorcycle Safety Program works to encourage safe driving through outreach activities and sharing resources for motorcycle training.


About Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™ Foundation

The purpose of Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™ Foundation is to bring together the resources to help the World of Soul® Motorcycle Community reach its full potential in helping at-risk youth from underserved and underprivileged communities reach theirs.  Through mentoring, education support, and motorcycle safety, awareness and training and through the use of the arts and the media, the World of Soul® Motorcycle Community aims to deliver a model of service coordination and become the motorcycle community’s principal advocate for youth.


About the Lead Presenter

With 19 years of motorcycle experience, Terry Hardy is a retired construction executive who founded the World of Soul® Motorcycle Community (a network of 9,600 motorcyclists and clubs) in 2008 and the Foundation in 2011 to connect motorcyclists with programming that add value to their bottom line. Have some fun – Do some good.  His highlights include raising $100k in support of the construction of the National Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, training deputy voter registrars and facilitating voter registration, mentoring students in Chicago Public Schools and organizing college tours featuring Historically Black Colleges & Universities.  Mostly notable, he connected one of his mentees to a full scholarship.  She recently graduated from Fisk University with a Master Degree in Physics.  Today, Mr. Hardy’s work centers around social and cultural reconciliation using motorcycling as a platform geared toward health, wellness and education in collaboration with the community-at-large.


Use the form and calendar below to schedule meeting to arrange 

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