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Postponed until further notice    
(Preregister for more information)

about the conference

The World of Soul Motorcycle Community Conference is a meeting of motorcycle enthusiasts, influencers, industry professionals and allied partners to discuss related matters and developments and where organizers present results, review strategy and suggest improvements, offer workshops, and other activities.

The conference was born from the challenges of trying to move forward positive initiatives but having the negative image of motorcycling and peer pressure as an obstacle.

The organization seeks to build out it's capacity through engagement, input and collaboration.

The event follows a series of World of Soul Motorcycle Community Conference meetings held in Chicago, Illinois. 


This conference is the first attempt to convene a national audience towards producing national infrastructure to convey World of Soul Motorcycle Community products, programs, services and events.



meet & greet

6pm- 8pm


conference & workshops

9am – 4pm



resolution, remarks & prayer


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