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We the concerned and rightfully authorized individuals of free will and intellectual capacity have organized;


  • to form one unified body of South Shore High School Alumni;

  • to align the name and mission of the association with a structured and recognized body;

  • to create a means to communicate the status, goals and objectives of the association;

  • to move forward an agenda that brings honor and respect to the graduates of South Shore High School and its ability to bring together the alumni, engage the community and any associated namesake institution with like-mascot and/or colors, namely South Shore International College Preparatory High School or its successor;

  • to secure and protect its name while establishing transparency and integrity toward those to whom it is established to serve;

  • to create programming that effectively promotes scholarship;

  • to conduct research that supports the development of outreach, awareness, and educational efforts toward social and cultural reconciliation for a healthy and vibrant association;

  • to insure a positive legacy and foundation to build upon for future generations and;

  • to transition leadership from one generation to another.


Whereas the South Shore High School Alumni Association shall be a legal entity governed with specific guidelines;  the South Shore High School Alumni Association is hereby recognized by incorporation in the State of Illinois on this date, February 23, 2015 by the undersigned Terry Hardy, Reginald Strickland and Craig Spivey.


Bylaws shall be established and ratified by the body and an expanded board of directors appointed. The undersigned hereby affirm the above statements to propel this organization into motion and fulfill its underlying goals and objectives.

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