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Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE, All Horses will Run Both Real and Steel on Derby Day

Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™ to conduct its inaugural motorcycle motorcade run in Louisville, Kentucky, Saturday, May 7th from Bluegrass Harley Davidson, 11701 Gateworth Way.

Ending at the Muhammad Ali Center, motorcyclists from across the nation will converge onto the center's plaza to announce a new component to the national Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™ campaign, followed by a tour of the facility.

The campaign's appearance in Louisville follows last Saturday's conclusion to the week-long national launch of Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™.

Motorcyclists from multiple cities escorted a team of HBCU tour buses en route to historically black colleges and universities to kickstart this year's series of events. The journey took students from Chicago to colleges, universities and historical institutions in Columbus, OH, Washington,

DC, Greensboro and Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL before leading them back to Chicago, IL.

The purpose of the occasion was to demonstrate and encourage a connection between youth and adults, and the motorcycle community's interest in becoming engaged on the issue of education.

"The life and legacy of Muhammad Ali is one of perseverance and triumph in accordance to principle. We want our stop in Louisville to highlight Ali's values and encourage our youth to forge ahead making application of those values while pursuing their education," said Terry Hardy, Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE's national director.

Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™ is an awareness campaign that culminates with a motorcycle event in local communities across the nation. Originating in Chicago, Illinois, October 2008, Ride for CHANGE-Ride for HOPE™ is the official programmatic thrust of the World of Soul Motorcycle Community™ as sanctioned by Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE Foundation.

Kickstands will rise from Bluegrass Harley Davidson, 11701 Gateworth Way at 11:00 a.m.

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